1 tsp Whole, melted butter
1 ea Mounded Crab Cake Mix*
1 1/2 oz Shredded cabbage/carrots
1 T Remoulade
1 t Pickled chilis
¼ oz Arugula
1 1/2 oz Baby watercress
½ oz Shaved fennel
1/6 ea Lemon
Pinch Old bay 

1. Brush sizzle skillet with melted butter and transfer crab cake, 

bake in 450 F oven 4-5 min until lightly caramelized 

2. In a small bowl combine coleslaw, peppers, arugula, watercress, fennel and remoulade 

3. Transfer finished salad to plate 

4. Transfer finished crab cake to plate 

5. Finish with fresh lemon & old bay 

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